Alan Pagan - Drums/Percussion /Studio Services.


The Studio - 

Computer: Mac based hard disc recorder.


Logic 10

Ableton 9


Tascam 1804 8 channel 4u Rack with adat expansion for another 8 channels

Rack Gear:

D.A.V. BG2 Decca heritage 4 channel mic-pre.

Focusrite 8 Channel Pre-amp, adat link to Tascam. Up to 16 simultaneous channel recordings

Behringer Compressor

Monitoring: NEUMAN KH120A Control Room. Yamaha HS50's Live Room

2x ART valve di’s, Behringer Compressor

Sound-proof Live Room: Desone T:BOX 

Headphones: 1 x Studispares Closed Headphones5 x AKG Headphones.

Mics: AKG C414 x1, Coles 40/38, Sure 58 x2, Sure 57 x3, Sure D112

Instruments: 3 x drum kits

Vast array of percussion

Fender guitar amp

Electric bass, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Ukelele, Banjo, Xylophone