Alan Pagan - Drums/Percussion /Studio Services.


Commercial Work

Alan provides bespoke drums samples for composers often at very short notice. The Studio also offers Voice Overs and recording facilities for a wide range of needs. Specifically, drums and percussion are tailor made to the composers needs over the phone or face to face. Often an email and a phone call from the composer is enough for Alan to get an idea of what is needed. A rough draft is then emailed back to the composer. After the green light is given from the composer all tracks/projects can be drop-boxed within an hour.

2020 September:

Drums provided to BBC Persia trailer by Alan Pagan for US 2020 Presidential Race.

Note: All Tracks are roughly mixed by Alan and are not the finished product.


English voice over provided for a Swedish information campaign


Composer: Chris Morphitis (Guitarist/Producer) and  Ben Huws (Vox/Guitar/Composer)

Drums for major advert campaign 2010-2011 

Composer: Rob Manning (Composer)
Drums to thicken up sound library tracks



Drums to accompany music video showcasing an award winning garden designers work.

 Composer: Rob Manning
 Drums to accompany music video highlighting head injuries within sport.
Composer: Tom Baxter
Percussion to back up live performance, to be triggered using loop pedals





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